Fences and Decks

When it comes to privacy and security putting up fence is a great place to start. Even if it is to shield yourself from your nosy neighbor. Or to determine property lines fences are a great compliment to your existing landscaping. You do not want your children or grandchildren running out into the middle of the street while they are playing in the yard. So you may want to build a fence around the complete perimeter of your property enclosed. With gates that are as wide as your driveway for your vehicles. Fences add safety and protection to your precious investments.

Looking for cedar, chain link, composite, brick, cinder block, or vinyl? You have some choices that can add value and beauty to your property. With discounts on auto and home insurance depending on your provider.

With cedar you get pretty good privacy. Average life expectancy of 15-20 years. However, there is a little more maintenance than the other fencing options. You want to make sure your fence is stained and sealed with weather sealer. do not worry our painting crew can give you a hand with that. You also want to make sure to rinse any moss that may accumulate due to trees in the direct vicinity of the fence to prevent wood rot.

Chain link is very low maintenance, relatively good security and very long life expectancy 50 years. However there is a little bit of a lack of privacy many people plant arborvitae along the perimeter this does eat away from your lot space.

Composite fencing has a lifetime warranty. Has great privacy options can look like cedar, pine, oak, cherry, bamboo, or maple. It comes pre-finished does not require any stain or sealer. Very low maintenance can be power washed and doesn’t lose its finish.

Brick and Cinder block Very secure Life expectancy of lifetime with grout maintenance when necessary. Privacy is based solid brick or cinder block or with steel pickets. Gates made of alternative material.

Vinyl fences are pre-manufactured select sizes available, ask representative for details, they can be an inexpensive solution for a fence. They may not be accepted by certain Homeowner Association’s consult prior to starting a project. Very low maintenance light and durable. They come with a limited lifetime warranty

When it comes to decks your options are pretty similar. Although we currently we do not offer a chain link deck. But we can make chain link railing.

Cedar decks are very beautiful and have limited lifetime warranty. They can be installed standalone or attached to your home or garage with multilevel availability. . Like cedar fences they do require staining and sealer to protect from elements. And has some minimal maintenance cleaning of moss and algae.
Composite decks are available in limited colors and come with a limited lifetime warranty depending on the color you select they can look identical to hardwood or cedar. They can also be installed standalone or attached to your home or garage also available in multilevel install. There is little to no maintenance needed for a composite deck

Brick and cinder block options are more of a patio option not exactly a deck, limited lifetime warranty have little to no maintenance requirements. Can be installed standalone or attached, available in multilevel install with concrete slab for upper tier or level.

So you already have a deck and you are looking for a way to accessorize it. Express Remodeling is your one stop shop for structural gazebos with asphalt or pvc roofing, custom built hand railing stained to your preferred colors, steps, and staircase or refinish the existing stain or paint-job of your deck.

We can even build a deck you have always wanted around that pool. they help keep the water cleaner, and if you have a surface pool, a deck can even help keep your children safe with a gated entry to the pool deck.

Whether you are looking for a fence and deck around your whole property or in need of a minor fence or deck repair we at Express Remodeling value your business no matter how big or small your project may be. Because, we are not looking for customers for just today, we as a complete remodeling company earn our customers for a lifetime no matter what your next project is or will be. With our multiple office locations we can service your rental or vacation home properties too. Call Express remodeling today we could be out to see you as early as tomorrow.