We have experts who specialize in all aspects of construction: siding, masonry, stucco, flooring, roofing and interior design along with plumbing and electrical. Your estimate will be delivered promptly, and we will schedule your work as soon as possible. Restoration or renovation, whether it’s one room or an entire floor, will include an estimate that is specific to your needs, and our professionals will site down with you to discuss the possibilities and potential of your project.

Look over Express Remodeling’s list of repair and remodeling services and call us for a free estimate. Our Express Remodeling Project Consultant will come to your home and evaluate the job. He can suggest options if you’re not sure how to solve a specific problem.

You can trust us to, “measure twice, cut once.”


  • Roofing for the Christens – Victoria and Richard _ADP0186

    Before and after of a roof replacement for Victoria and Richard Christens. BEFORE AFTER

  • Chimney for John Mijo _ADP0377

    Complete overhaul of John Mijo’s crumbling masonry and broken flashing on his brick chimney. BEFORE AFTER

  • Roofing for Jim Jones _ADP0386

    Completely new roof for Jim Jones, to fix a botched patch job of double-layered asphalt shingles. BEFORE AFTER

  • Roofing for Jean Alderson _ADP0202

    Remodel of Jean Alderson’s old and worn 3-tab roof, nearly 50 years old. BEFORE AFTER

  • Arlene’s Roof Remodel _ADP0101

    Arlene’s 3-tab roof was more dirt and moss than roof, but her new Malarkey Roofing Products’® roof will last her decades. BEFORE AFTER

  • Caroline’s Roof Remodel _ADP0138

    Caroline’s 3-tab roof was more than ready for us to replace it with a new Malarkey roof. BEFORE AFTER

  • Scott’s Roof Remodel _ADP0079

    Scott’s roof was finished, and not in the good way. We completely remodeled his whole roof, from the wood up. BEFORE AFTER