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When putting money into your home, make sure you're paying the least amount over time. Learn a little about the materials and the installation, so you can know exactly how much you'll be paying for your that new improvement both now, and when it needs repair or goes past its life.

A 10% difference in a project pricetag can mean the difference between replacing it again in 2 years, or not having to pay another dime for up to 50. Let us help you find the right material and contractor for your home project.

Family Run for Family Homes

Company Overview

During its first decade, Express Remodeling has built a reputation with customers for the expertise of our tradesmen and the quality of our workmanship. Each member of the Express Remodeling team has proven skills in finding innovative ways to solve problems and, whenever possible, to save on costs without compromising quality.

Today, Express Remodeling is recognized as one of Oregon’s most respected names in local businesses and homeowner services. Over the years, we have embraced advances in technology but we continue to believe in the importance of three basic principles: integrity, respect and pride.

This beautiful four-color exterior paint project was completed in 10 days, from start to finish.

"We strive to be a reliable quality resource providing the best possible experience by empowering informed decision making."


Family Owned Business

Renovating their own Oregon home initially inspired Andrey and Valentina Brichuk to found Express Remodeling Inc. The business began in 1994, one house at a time. As Express Remodeling created showplace after showplace out of what had previously been a disaster in structure or design, other Oregon homeowners took notice.

Amazing 3 story house built by the Express Remodeling team.

Express Remodeling, Inc. Serving Oregon for over 20 years.

We are a bonded, insured and licensed company, and a proud member of the Oregon Chamber of Commerce, and the Energy Trust of Oregon.

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